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We dont have 25 diferent strains from Karma-genetics in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Biker Kush stock:Available
Bubba Brother stock:Available
Chemage stock:Available
D-Kush stock:Available
Funky Dwarf stock:Available
Ghostrider OG stock:Available
Happy Brother stock:Available
Happy Brother BX1 stock:Available
Happy Brother BX2 stock:Available
Happy Kush stock:Available
Headbanger stock:Available
Jack Cheddar stock:Available
Jack O Nesia stock:Available
Jamil Sayyida stock:Available
Karma Genetics stock:Available
Kushage x Jack Herrer stock:Available
Lucifer OG stock:Available
Mahayana stock:Available
Mirre stock:Available
Point Break stock:Available
San Fernando Diesel stock:Available
Sour Jack stock:Available
Triple Kush stock:Available
White OG stock:Available
White OG V2.0 stock:Available